About This Calendar

This modern, all-in-one calendar platform was built to help members better engage with their library's exciting selection of community events. It was originally created by Eastern Regional Libraries and is commercially available to libraries from Solus. Its features were carefully crafted to enable members to fully manage their own experience, so as many components as possible have been automated.

Much care went into developing a platform that's powerful, pretty and a pleasure to use. There's a comprehensive management backend that allows staff to perform an array of tasks, as well as add events and customise the integration.

We believe that, in addition to item loans, events are the heart of what will help libraries (and communities!) thrive in the years ahead. Traditionally there has been a great deal of friction in the events experience for both staff and members, and this calendar solution is designed to eliminate those blockers. Our partnership with Solus creates the opportunity to deliver the calendar as a fully-hosted SaaS platform that receives constant feature improvements. Speaking of which, its current features include:

  • Secure, fully-integrated and PCI compliant payment processing via Stripe
  • Automatic event waiting list functionality including notifications and booking expiry management
  • Powerful search capabilities, event suggestions and integration with WordPress
  • Seamless member log ins using library cards and PINs
  • My Events functionality that allows members to manage their bookings, including issuing self-service refunds and downloading receipts
  • Event cloning, templates, drafts and approval processing
  • Unlimited event recurrences, ability to check in attendees, rate events and send email reminders
  • Comprehensive member rating and feedback system
  • Automatic event flyer & booklet creation
  • Extensive online event support
  • Ability to download attendee data as spreadsheets
  • Support for Microsoft Office 365 Single Sign On for staff
  • Built-in support for bulk contacting event attendees via email
  • Automatic attendee notifications upon event cancellations
  • Detailed view of all email communications sent to both members & staff relating to each event
  • Built-in email bounce, spam reporting, and unsubscription management to protect domain reputations
  • Powerful custom statistics logging, including the ability to upload outreach event statistics or attandee counts for out-of-platform events.
  • Event manager analytics featuring graphs, funds paid, event totals, categories and event page views. All available on an entire organisation level or per location. Plus the ability to set custom reporting periods.
  • Completely mobile friendly, dynamically adapting to the visitor's screen size
  • Automated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that populates your events in search results
  • Built-in dynamic social media link sharing that displays event images and metadata directly on social sites

The site requires only a modern internet browser with JavaScript and cookies enabled. To find out more about this calendar please contact us. We love to chat!